Up in Smoke: High Times and ‘High Grade’ in New York for Mr Easy and Kyah Baby

As New York opened its first legal dispensary for recreational marijuana, New York-based, international acts Mr Easy and Kyah Baby have been giving music lovers the ultimate smoker’s anthem!

Up in Smoke High Times and High Grade in New York for Mr Easy and Kyah Baby
Mr Easy and Kyah Baby’s ‘High Grade’ a smoker’s anthem amidst first legal marijuana dispensary opening in New York.

Things are blazing on all fronts for the unlikely duo of Reggae and Dancehall music legend Mr Easy and fiery female rapper Kyah Baby with “High Grade” blazing across both mainstream and Caribbean-driven radio stations and platforms since its late 2022 release. The timing is impeccable, as worldwide music lovers gravitate to “High Grade,” while reveling in the opportunity to legally purchase and use marijuana recreationally in New York as of the end of December.

The New Year offers new opportunities for Mr Easy and Kyah Baby’s electrifying “High Grade,” which is produced by the Grammy-award winning producer Jerry Wonda — who rose to fame in The Fugees era. The duo has scored numerous performances of “High Grade” at high powered events before celebrity audiences, including the likes of French Montana, Jim Jones, Maino, Papoose, Special, Lola Brooke and more.

Up in Smoke High Times and High Grade in New York for Mr Easy and Kyah Baby2
Mr Easy and Kyah Baby fuse Dancehall and Hip Hop on the fiery ‘High Grade.’

Endorsement and support of top tier DJs and stations have further solidified the song’s appeal, with continued spins by Bobby Konders and Jabba (Hot 97), DJ S-1 (WBLS), DJ Norie (Power 105), Heavyhitter DJs and others leading the efforts. Undoubtedly, “High Grade” is leaving an indelible mark on listeners.

For the smokers, “High Grade” was a natural hit, just as the inaugural New York legal dispensary is quickly becoming. The real journey is just beginning — with New York’s Cannabis Control Board issuing the first 36 retail licenses in November and 139 licenses waiting to be issued. However, Reggae, Dancehal and Hip Hop as a music and culture have been proponents of marijuana legalization for decades — since their inception. Mega songs across the genres have underscored a marijuana legalization movement with the preeminent “Legalize It” by Peter Tosh at the forefront.

“I envisioned a song that would resonate with smokers and New Yorkers,” says Mr Easy. “The song has taken off beyond my wildest imagination. Believe it or not, the timing was organic.”

“I believe that ‘High Grade’ will be a prominent song for marijuana culture,” the international artist adds. “Featuring Kyah Baby on the song has been a winning factor…her rapid fire delivery, respect amongst Hip Hop fans and youth have helped garner the attention of diverse, multigenerational music audiences.” Much to their credit, tbe popularity of “High Grade” has spawned inquiries from various marijuana business and brands.

The “Drive Me Crazy” singer Mr Easy has been a pillar of Caribbean music and entertainment for more than 30 years, yielding a classic catalogue of hits, which have helped define the sound of Reggae and Dancehall music. A great vocalist and songwriter, Mr Easy is widely respected by his peers. Songs like “Wish You Were Here,” “Friends Fi Life” and the wildly dynamic Reggae album “Legendary” demonstrate the acclaimed singer’s incredible artistic range, while appealing to the masses

Like her concurrent buzzing single, Kyah Baby is bringing “New Energy” into the new year. An appearance on Fox Soul tops her growing list of media spots, which includes Sway’s Universe on Sirius/XM, Funkmaster Flex and Bobby Konders on Hot 97 and BET Cypher.