US Needs China as an Ally




While American Xi-Jinping-china_2539711bpoliticians rail against China, accusing the Chinese of “stealing” American jobs, they should be aware that America depends on China to help ensure global stability.

They must know that it isn’t China that “stole” America’s manufacturing industry, it was the American corporations that chose to relocate their factories in countries with much lower wages, oppressive working conditions and lax safety regulations.

Motivated by sheer greed, the disloyal corporate bosses moved their manufacturing operations not only to China but also to a number of other low-wage countries.

The craven politicians who failed to penalize corporations that abandon American workers must share the blame.

The current campaign season has spawned extreme anti-China rhetoric, and an uninformed electorate seems to be falling for it.

This is counterproductive. It makes more sense to have China as an ally.

Especially at a time when Russia’s Putin is baring his fangs and global security is being threatened by North Korea.

I just read that China is moving troops along its border with North Korea in response to Kim Jong-Un’s defiant development of a nuclear weapon intended for use against the US.

You might say America needs no help fighting puny North Korea, but retaliation against Kim Jong-Un  (upper photo) would be politically risky. China might have to intervene on behalf of its “ally” or lose face.

It’s much better for China to deal with the North Korean threat. I hope that’s what President Xi Jinping (lower photo) is doing.

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