USA Congressional Proclamation For Winston ‘Merritone’ Blake

Musicologist Winston “Merritone” Blake one of the famous Blake brothers (Trevor, Monte and Tyrone) who founded Merritone Music, will be the recipient of a proclamation from the office of Yvette Clarke, 11th Congressional District, New York and an ‘Appreciation Award,’ from Irie Jam Radio for his contribution to the music industry. The awards will be presented at the Irie Jam Radio sponsored “Jamaica 50 Celebration” at Mangoville in Queens, NY on Saturday, May 26, 2012.

“Winston Blake is a musical genius and we are elated that Congresswoman Yvette Clake will honor him in such a big way” said Bobby Clarke, CEO of Irie Jam Radio in New York.

Clarke said the award for Blake has added significance since it will be presented this year during Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence.

“Winston is truly an institution in the music industry and the award is well deserved” he said.

Merritone’s foray in the Diaspora has been a success story, thanks to the indefatigable energy of Winston “Merritone” Blake. Merritone was the first Jamaican Sound System to venture overseas taking “merri music” to cities such as London, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Hartford, Toronto, L. A, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, and Washington D.C. At home, Blake and his brothers made a huge impact on the music industry as sound system operator, club owner and organizer of the popular Merritone Amateur Talent contest. Blake was given The Order of Distinction, Officer Class for his contribution to Jamaica’s entertainment industry over a decade ago.

Joining Blake on stage at the “Jamaica 50 celebration” will be veteran crooner Leroy Sibbles and Tinga Stewart who are expected to serve up a potpourri of great reggae music.