VIDEO: Blogger inspired by Jamaicans – “How you can be yourself like the Jamaicans”

Very interesting insight on how Jamaicans are viewed as being “themselves” in front of others. Do you agree with this video blogger? Below is the view is a video bloggers description of the experience.

Are you afraid to be yourself or find it hard to simply be in front of others?

As humans, we’re driven to feel connected + have people see us. But our ability to actually engage only happens when we’re not afraid to be ourselves.

If you can’t be yourself, you always miss the chance to genuinely connect.

I reaffirmed this in Jamaica last week, where I was struck by people’s ability to be free and fearless. Jamaicans are naturally friendly, but no matter who it was – concierge, waiter, guide – self-respect and dignity ran through each moment, and not once were they nervous or uncomfortable. They laughed, enjoyed, showed their true colors and gave you respect, but also respected themselves.

They liked themselves. And it made me like them and myself more. It cut through miles of distance and cultural difference, and I felt like I was with close friends where “everybody knew my name.”

Watch today’s video to see how you can be yourself like the Jamaicans.

No matter what role you play – in your career or even in your family – don’t be afraid to be yourself or get so tied up in the role that you forget who you are.

In fact, people want you to show your flavor. Real experiences and real memories don’t come from being buttoned up and afraid to be you – they come because you’re you and unafraid to show up no matter what.

You must bring your flavor to the table because trust me, there’s no one else with the same one out there. Watch today’s video to see why.

When you find yourself holding back or hesitating, afraid to be you, remember the Jamaican ease of being yourself and just how memorable it is. I’m holding on to it all week to remind myself to show up like ME.