[VIDEO] The Hangover: Jerk Pork & Vibes Cuisine

Streetside PorkCaribbean cooking with an international flavour!

That’s how the makers of Vibes Cuisine describe their show, but the programme took on a distinctly YAAD flavour recently, when Yaadinfo’s very own Romaine and Andrew crashed the party (and mash up di kitchen in the process).

The producers have enjoyed the Yaadinfo podcasts from the onset, and as such, invited us to do an episode featuring an easy-to-prepare meal you can munch on while you listen to the lighter side of Jamaican news – an offer we couldn’t refuse! Who can refuse FOOD??!

So after a night of serious drinking with Romaine, Hodari and my brother (the previous day was my birthday), I woke up at the ungodly hour of 9, tried my darndest to shake off a dreadful hangover, and made sure that I didn’t blow up anything in the kitchen…”uhhhh, that’s the gas switch? *Hic!* Was trying to turn on the light – ooopsie!”. Romaine by the way, had no effects from the night before (damn rumhead!).

birthday drinks

Well, the hostess and crew survived the episode, so I guess we didn’t do too badly.

By the way, that first pic?? After we were done, we went and got some jerk pork. Romaine couldn’t wait suh she siddung pon di side a di road and start nyam har jerk pork – it was THAT good! 😀