vybz kartel pon time – lightly autotuned miracles

so kartel apparently dropped this in June

who shock

the likkle jail sentence nah stop song from drop every week

di odda DJ dem a help out and all a reference di poor audio quality inna dem song <–pree di song yaso

but what me waan unnu know is dis:

yu see sake a auto tune….yu woulda never know whether di man go record a studio or if him sen it as voice note (caw everybody know seh kartel have blackberry inna prison, doesn’t tell me nuh foolisness! him have one! a only restraint mek him nah update him mobile uploads a exercise time!)

anyways….me like da song yah enuh

me nuh sure if him never get enough time fi record so it did haffi pare down and him never have enough time fi dip up under di ooman dem, which me tiyad of by di way.

but it smooth and di riddim a gimme a nice likkle surfer wipeout feeling

it almost come like when david guetta or major lazer collaborate wid a artist and di beat and di words equally important.

either way

gwaan kartel. wedda dem a gi yu time off a weekend fi come record or yu a voice note out it backside, it a work

me always hear dem say people grow inna prison (if dem nuh get shank inna di shower) and so it seems to be for you.


riddim up!

oh…and yu really cyaan beat the pic. thats top class.