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WADU Condemns Attacks, Supports Union Government & Diaspora Integration

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Calling for the world to condemn “the invasion, occupation and annexation of Mali’s territorial sovereignty…” and to halt the “blatant acts of brutality, barbarism, severe forms of atrocities, and genocide as well as other war crimes against AFRICAN humanity”, the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is urging the African Union (AU) to take all necessary steps to save Africa. “We are ready to assist and support the countries that are ready to proceed with forming a United States of Africa” declared in the letter to AU leaders.  The letter to Her Excellency Chair Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will be directly del ivered through the office of Madame Nana Farika B. Taylor, Vice President of WADU. She and other Diaspora leaders are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to participate in the January AU 20th Summit.
Some key issues on the African Union Summit agenda are the security problems facing Africa, the economic integration of Africa, the 2013 OAU 50th anniversary events across the African world, and advancing a union government of Africa. The latter issue for an AU government espoused and tirelessly worked for by legendary Pan Africanists such as the Honorable Marcus Garvey, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and other great leaders of Africa is the priority for WADU. A union government of Africa would enhance both the security and economic development of Africa. This same agenda was relentlessly pushed by President Khadafi of Libya before he was murdered by invading foreign and mercenary forces.   
According to one report from the current AU Summit, the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC) consisting of African Ambassadors are already discussing a plan for the integration of the continent’s 54 states through what is called a “minimum integration plan.” This renewed effort by the AU PRC is a result of the massive security crises across Africa from the invasion of Al Qaeda type forces in Africa. It is also due to the militarization Africa by Africa’s former colonial powers, especially the French and now the United States. Africa’s current crisis, not experienced since the colonial era was unleashed when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spearheaded the destruction of Libya with France and other nations of the EU, and some member states of the Arab League. Since then Muslim extremists have committed wanton destruction, untold massacres and a mountainous of misery on Africans in states across Africa.
WADU is one of the foremost Pan African Diaspora organizations with a coalition of leaders and an umbrella of organizations representing the global African Diaspora. Some of the key founders, leaders and supporters of WADU are: Ambassador Dudley Thompson, ‘Pan African Legend’; Dr. Leonard Jeffries, (Association of the Study of Classical Civilizations – ASCAC); Dr. Andy Thompson (UNIA/ACL & ASCAC); Baba Elombe Brath (Patrice Lumumba Coalition); Nana Farika Berhane (Maroons & Rastafari); Baba John Watusi Branch, (Kawaida &ATABA); Dr. Georgina Falu, (Scholar/Puerto Rico); Dr. Julius Garvey, (UNIA/ACL); Dr. Joyce King (Scholar/Activist); late Rev. Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta (RHAW/ITC); Minister P.D. Menelik Harris, (RHAW/IAM Ubuntu); Dr. Nana Niara Sudarkasa, (senior Scholar/Activist); Dr. Molefi Asante (Afro-centricity International); Minister Akbar Muhammad (Nation of Islam); Dr. Abena N. L-Jackson, (Scholar/South America); Mr. Khafra Kambon (Caribbean Pan African Network); late Queen Mother Dorothy Lewis (NCOBRA/GAC); Baba Mukasa Dada, (AAPRP & SNCC); Baba Joe Beasley (Africa Ascension & RainbowPush); Prof. James Small, Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU); the late Del Jones (Activist); Mr. Omowale Clay (December 12th Movement); and other leaders. Consequently, WADU has the support of some of the most influential and authentic leaders representing the African Diaspora in readiness and are forging forward for a peaceful, prosperous and powerful Africa in the 21st century.
WADU and the African Diaspora welcomes all the earnest efforts of the AU advancing the long delayed united states of Africa along the principles and goals established by great leaders such as the Honorable Marcus Garvey and President Kwame Nkrumah. WADU is also urging the AU to support key issues to empower Africa such as Diaspora citizenship, representation in the AU, economic partnerships, reparations, and African education. The WADU recommendations for actions are consistent with the African Union constitutive act declaring that it shall “invite and encourage the full participation of the African Diaspora as an important part of our continent, in the building of the African Union.”  The letter to the AU concluded that the AU actions are “more relevant and pertinent this year 2013, marking the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the formation of the Organization of AFRICAN Unity.” 

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