Waiting for the Movie


I am eagerly looking forward to the Trump movie. No, I haven’t heard that one is in the works, but I’m sure a movie will get made. And it could be hilarious.

I envisage some kind of Godfather spoof.

Think about it. Alec Baldwin as Trump…  Joe Pesci as Anthony Scaramucci… Jim Belushi as Steve Bannon… Roseanne Barr as  Sarah Huckabee Sanders… Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer… Zoey Deutch as Ivanka… Al Pacino as Michael Flynn… Robert De Niro as  the Russian ambassador… James Gondolfini as Felix Sater… Ray Liotta as Jared Kushner… John Cazale as Reince Priebus…

The dialogue would be ready made. Quotes from Scaramucci’s rant, for example. And those raunchy gems from Trump’s lawyers.

Best of all perhaps are Trump’s own quotes, his tweets and that infamous confession about where he grabs attractive women. Of course, the movie would have to be R rated at best.

I know what you’re thinking. The Trump White House is no laughing matter. It’s a tragedy. But it’s a lugubrious tragedy with farcical episodes.

To quote Robert De Niro:

America was once “an inspiring uplifting drama,” but now has turned into “a tragic dumbass comedy.”

And as Abe Lincoln said, we have to laugh because we must not cry.

Scaramucci’s rant

De Niro’s speech