Wallowing in the Mud



Just as I thought the current campaign season had hit rock bottom, the lead item in today’s Yahoo News demonstrated that it could sink to even sleazier depths.

In a season that has produced a record number of obscenities, personal insults and even physical violence, I was not surprised to read scandal-sheet “revelations” about the candidates’ private lives. Ads featuring Donald Trump’s wife posing naked and “leaks” detailing Ted Cruz’s sex life, for example, have become par for the course.

But even so, today’s shocker broke new ground.

The Yahoo News item, culled from “The Daily Caller” and written by someone named Christian Datoc, featured an interview with “the American Mirror” by a woman identified as Sally Miller (above). She was described as a former Miss Arkansas.

In the interview, Ms. Miller claims she was Bill Clinton’s mistress for three months back in 1983.

From this vantage point, she says, she became so aware of the Clintons’  personal lives that she knew Hillary had “several” abortions and decided to keep Chelsea only after Bill convinced her it would be good for their careers.

I Googled the interview and it was shameless. There was even a link to a “related” story about Bill snorting cocaine at someone’s breakfast table.

So that’s how it’s going to be, I realized. No holds barred. Every creepy-crawly scandal dreamed up by that “vast right-wing conspiracy” will be dragged into the footlights to discredit Hillary.

Did the interviewer ask how this Miller woman came to know so much in a three-month relationship? Did the writer who picked up the story for “The Daily Caller” wonder how she became so intimate with Hillary? Did the Yahoo News editors question the validity of the woman’s vitriolic rant?

I wonder how a mistress could get to know so much about the wife she was cheating on. I don’t think Hillary would have confided in her, do you? Indeed, I doubt that Hillary even met the woman.

Of course she claims Bill told her a lot of stuff – even stuff about Hillary having lesbian encounters. And she says he told her this while wearing a nightie and playing the sax.

Is that a likely story? Or did this woman dream it up for reasons of her own?

But logic has been set aside for this campaign season. Not only truth but even the perception of truth is ignored by the drooling media.

When the President of the United States is moved to chastise the press for its lame election coverage – as he did last night – you know America’s news sources are failing us.

And I have a sinking feeling that it’s going to get a lot worse before this sordid campaign season is over.

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