War For North Trelawny North And National Works Agency Building (NWA) Holding Up The Progress For The Completion Of The Falmouth Cruise Terminal

Step off the ship and step back in time. It may not appear so at first glance, but quaint Falmouth was an economic powerhouse and center for dramatic social change during the English Colonial Period. Founded as Martha Brae Point in 1769 by local English planter Thomas Reid, Falmouth became the shipment hub for sugar plantations covering the hills of Jamaica’s North Coast. From the wharfs of Falmouth, sugar, molasses, rum and coffee were sent to England, while ships making their way from across the Atlantic dropped anchor in the bustling port town to deliver other necessities of 18th century life. In today’s Falmouth, visitors still enjoy 19th-century Georgian architecture as well as river bamboo raft rides, arts & crafts shopping, and flavorful local fare.

Today, as the war for Trelawny North show their ugly colours, it is alleged that one National Works Agency Building (NWA) with two employees sits in the way of progress for the completion of the Falmouth Cruise Terminal of which the community of Falmouth, Trelawny is looking forward to eat a food from. RCCL I know too is eager to put the finishing touch so to fly the Terminal gate.

Hon. Prime Minister Golding, I would like to form an alliance with the Government, NWA and the Port Authority of Jamaica to facilitate this very important movement toward a speedy completion of our Port. The music fraternity along with other stakeholders in the community is anticipating the captive audience that is now coming to our shores.

The Rastafari Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to drive our Rastafari friends from Falmouth Cruise Ship Terminal for a Bob Marley Highway Tour to the Montego Bay International Airport to Jamaica official third international airport the new Ian Fleming International Airport opened on 12 January 2011, after completing an extensive expansion and renovation project. For your information, formerly known as Boscobel Aerodrome, the Ian Fleming International Airport has undergone $300 million upgrade scheme to make it capable of handling private jets and other small commercial aircrafts.