Watching the Olympics



If you wonder why my blogs have been somewhat sporadic lately, the reason is simple: I have been watching the Olympics.

I know, you’re going to tell me I’m crazy to care who wins the water polo and handball events, and the other arcane sports that get showcased every four years. But it”s all worth watching. Even field hockey, even synchronized gymnastics (which I didn’t know existed), even ping pong.

In fact, I miss lawn bowling. Those old guys sure knew how to roll those little balls. Maybe the Olympics gurus will include shuffleboard one day. Just so we old coots can identify.

After all, they brought back golf.

Whatever the sport may be, it’s always fascinating to see human beings performing at such a superior – sometimes superhuman – level. And if you watched Simone Biles (above) and the other gymnasts competing in the floor exercises the other night, you must know what I mean.

Or Michael Phelps. There may never be another swimmer like that guy. We saw history being made in the Olympics pool. That’s for sure.676585-e2f9ba14-499c-11e5-8295-722838184ac6

And how about Usain Bolt?

Look I used to compete in track-and-field events when I was in school, and if you think it’s easy to do what Bolt does, you should try it yourself.

I am tingling with anticipation as I await the finals. You think he might set another world record? I wouldn’t put it past him, even at his advanced age. He didn’t break a sweat winning the 200-meter semifinals.

And you should try doing what those Kenyans and the other long-distance track stars do. Their legs are churning so fast after running thousands of meters, you might think they were competing in a hundred-meter dash.

I hope kids watching the Olympics on TV are impressed enough to put down the video games and try to excel at some physical activity.  It would do them a world of good, and it would be good for society, too.