Watchmi Covers Jah Cure’s Press Conference And Conducts Exclusive Interview With Jah Cure

Bestowed by renowned reggae-great Capleton with the name Jah Cure, 28 year old Siccaturie Alcock has had a colourful past. In April 1999 on the eve of a burgeoning music career, he was prosecuted on gun possession, rape and robbery charges, found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in a Kingston maximum-security prison. Throughout his prison term, the singer has consistently maintained his innocence amidst both widespread support and opposition. Last Saturday, July 28, 2007 after serving 8 years of the sentence, Jah Cure was released from prison on parole.

While in prison, Jah Cure’s career blossomed. He released three albums and a number of singles, some of which have topped the Jamaican charts. His first album Free Jah’s Cure was released in 2000 and was followed by Ghetto Life in 2003 and Freedom Blues in 2005. More recently Jah Cure has released the songs ‘Love is’, ‘Longing For’ and ‘True Reflections’, showing his unique voice and lyrical ability. On Saturday on the heels of his freedom, he released a single called ‘My Life’, a song narrating the struggles he has faced throughout his life.

In an exclusive interview two days after his release, met up with the singer most people are touting will have one of the biggest careers in reggae/dancehall history.

Watch the full, exclusive Jah Cure interview and the press conference (in 5 parts) that was held at the Hilton in Kingston on Saturday July 28, 2007 on

Transcript: : I understand Capleton gave you the name ‘Jah Cure’. How did this come about?
Jah Cure : Two things me love inna life. Me love music and me love herbs. So that’s how him come up with that thing. : How did your career get started? I understand Beres Hammond may have had something to do with it.
Jah Cure : Me just come bout from inna the country to town from when me about 13. Big up Mo Bay. And me see Capleton as me bredren and some youths who me know know him and him a the closest artist you get to if you a look a bust. Tings and tings happen and me link up with Sizzla and Sizzla was the man of the moment. And a just musical vibe a flow down and we a drive inna him car and we a rehearse pon a rhythm. And we go down by Grizzlies. And me never know say Beres Hammond have a office down there. We a work and vibe and Beres Hammond come on and hear it and say it sound like me have some conviction inna me voice. Me never know say Beres is a producer. Sizzla had already done record some track for him. Linking up wid Beres now. Sizzla a do some rehearsal for some foreign show and is like me done make him know me want to link wid Beres. And Sizzla carry we round there and we record the track. : What was your biggest hit before being incarcerated? (Remind us of it).
Jah Cure : Same song with me and Sizzla. Divide and Rule. “To divide and rule is them only plan. Only plan. I a nuh fool to make them overcome. I and I a King – in this jungle.” : You have consistently professed your innocence. How do you feel now
towards your accuser?
Jah Cure : Me just turn round the negative into the positive and it work out for me and me just leave it at that and give Jah thanks. Cause them say what nuh kill you strengthen you so we just build pon it. And love inna we heart. It free. : How did you spend your last night in prison?
Jah Cure : Me never sleep. Me just sit up and talk and a joke and know say this is the last night. : While you were in prison you had a chance to perform your music. Any
artist from prison you see you self collaborating with?
Jah Cure : A youth name Cyrana. A little short youth from Seaview. Him just talented. A mi little bredren, a promising youth and me nah stop talk bout him until dem do something fi him. Unna a go see him. : What about your first night as a free man? How did you spend that?
Jah Cure : Hectic. Meeting with the press. Me nah get depressed though, a me work. : You’ve been hailed as a talented, musical genius. In fact, people have
compared you to Bob Marley. What do you think about that?
Jah Cure : Wow. A that dem say? If a that dem say dem a make some good comment. Me thankful of that because me never see meself inna dem way deh. Me just love music. Me a do it from me heart. When me a do a song me never do it and say “this a song a go be number one”. Me just do it and see it work. And you see the more me get the strength from me fans, the more me just go deeper into it. So if them see me that way is like them a inspire me more fi go deep. : What are your future plans musically and otherwise?
Jah Cure : My future plan is so much. Is just great things and positive movements. Family dem pon the way. : I’m sure the women want to know Jah Cure. Do you have a girlfriend?
Jah Cure : Me will have an answer for you the next time me see you. : Any special message to your fans?
Jah Cure : Just tell them say me love them and me thank them fi build me. A them make me strong. And a mean, I’m just happy to be a free man. From me deh behind the bar and can push the sound so, imagine me deh ya now so you must expect it to be twice. : Tell us about your latest release. Any inspiration from being incarcerated?
Jah Cure : Just the struggle. Inna the struggle and it’s just my life. People come and go. Memories nah fade you know. Me a come from nothing, but you see me just a gwaan give thanks and gwaan eat. Nuff things me nuh even ready fi say. It still early.