We love our athletes, but can we afford to fete them?
Artwork courtesy of Clovis (Jamaica Observer)

Our amazing athletes from London 2012 will soon return to island, and many of us are wondering just how the government will reward them for their stellar performance at the Olympic Games.

Many are suggesting a national motorcade; others hope for a national holiday; some suggest honoring the athletes financially. The question remains however, can we afford it? Check out these interesting poll results on Jamaica Observer.

In light of the recent  revelation by the government that £1,000,000.00 was spent in London on promoting Jamaica, has the kitty run dry?

Would national recognition – renaming streets, parks or national distinctions – be acceptable if we are unable to offer financial compensation? Or is there enough crown land available to give to each athlete in their parish of choice?

Then again, with athletes appearing on the Frobes list of the world’s wealthiest and donning $500k watches, they might need a little bit more than just chump change to feel truly appreciated.

What say you?