Who is this guy? you may be asking yourself as you come across this blog.

Well, for starters, i’m a Jamaican born resident of Queens, NY who loves sports, politics, books (reading and writing them) and meaningful debate.

Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, my world view was funnelled through Radio Jamaica, Fame FM, JBC and the various local newspapers. There was no CNN, ESPN or Fox in this mix, but don’t be fooled-the opinions and insights were as pointed and thought provoking as anything you see on the major networks today.

My initial sports interests were football, track and field, boxing, basketball and horse racing.

After moving to New York in the 1980’s, I developed a love for baseball and American football. I also over the years followed other sports, notably tennis and golf with some degree of interest.

I have my favorites, some of whom may surprise you. I live in New York, but my favorite NFL team is the Oakland Raiders (followed by the the NY Jets.) My favorite NBA teams are the Knicks and the Lakers. In baseball, the Yankeees are my team, and one of my upcoming blogs will be about George Steinbrenner and why he is the best owner in all of sports.

Why is this longtime Queens resident not rooting for the Mets you may ask? Because the ownership of the Mets are scattered in both their resolve to win and acknowledgment of what they need to do to be a consistent contender.

So….what’s my point?

Well, my point is I think sports are a microcosm of life; I want to share my opinion with as many people as possible, and more importantly I want to hear what everyone else has to say. That’s that whole meaningful debate thing.

So, welcome, I hope you enjoy, and without further ado, lets get it.