What A Day!!!

Today I decided to keep my son home from the nursery because it was rainy and I didn’t want to send him out since he is recovering from a cold and boy what a day it was. Granted I love him but working from home and having him around wanting to play all the time and doing my weekly washing etc. proved to be a challenge. This is a busy period for my business and I needed so much to focus and concentrate today as we have alot of events coming up. My clients depend on me to get it right and to make sure every detail of their wedding is covered and perfect. This takes months and hours of focus and lots of telephone calls, dealing with the constant emails and calls from the brides and their families and friends, negotiating and as I am a perfectionist I obsess constantly and I have to this for every client. I cannot eat the day of an event. Once I get them down the aisle I can breathe. For me it gets easier after that.

By 11:00am I gave up trying to juggle it. I went to bed 12:00am the night before and was up from 3:30am and I was exhausted. Dont know why I am so tired lately. It’s not the norm, maybe I need to check it out.

So I played and did my housework and watch Bolt and Asafa. Kinda hoped Asafa would have gotten it as he needs to win and good race and he is in good form.

After the race took my son out for a drive as he loves that and came back home. He started acting up and being rude so  had to punish him in the naughty corner. There were the screams etc and sometime at times like these I think I am going to get high blood pressure. I threatened to call he father as he is deadly scared of that, no help. So I just decided to be firm and tell him to shut it up this minute. Well it worked. I guess he saw I was oh so serious.

Well after that he was his usual nice, pleasant self. I even got to send my clients some email around 5:30am. We went to bed by 7:00am and by 9:00pm I was up again folding clothes, packing his bag for nursery tomorrow, getting a snack and now blogging.

Oh how I love my life and these moments of me time!!!