What About America You’re Thankful For?

Photo credit: Sebastiaan Stam


You asked, “What about America you’re thankful for?

I answered, “the women who saw no bias–no color,”

march side by side even when the torrents try

to drown their voice in the deep blue sea;”

The children I birth and the men who fought to protect us,

for the rights of the God bless land of the free.

You asked, “What about America you’re thankful for?”

I tell you, “The pioneers who battered searching

for a home to live. The polished men and women in their crisped suit

and elegant dress, the best perfume, giving beautiful gifts

to the poor, the weary, sick, needy & speechless; to silences the voice of injustice.

You asked again, “tell me what about America you’re thankful for?”

I answered, “I am thankful for business men who drives

the best motors, wishing we would disappear; the pen, used

in fine script to conceal the plans to eradicate the ones

who appears wise & foolish for your Gain!

Even when we wish to have our own speakers

To make things clear, free us from bondage as tears flow

Marching, with signs to stop the ‘ism’

We hear each time someone dies and the word,

“Make America great again! “Keep hope alive!”

Black Lives Matter!! All lives Matter!!

Our lives Matter!!!

While tears flow from our eyes,

many lives are broken and in great big plight;

from ammunition, experiments—you created!

Still you ask, “What about America you’re thankful for?

I Breathe, inhale and exhale and say, “In respect to the Most High God,”

“I am thankful, the God Bless, America never told us any lie!!!!!

Empress Journee