What does it mean to have Easy Entertaining as a Jamaican Edition?

Entertaining is at the core of every Jamaican…it’s who we are …its what we do -even when we don’t realize it

In the formal sense it is usually about a means of hosting people, and leaving them happy

 For a Jamaican…entertaining is second nature

There are many things we say that describe entertaining

“Mek wi hol a par” simply means lets hang out and enjoy each other’s company

“Mek wi run a boat” absolutely one of my favorites …simply put is an impromptu, totally unplanned hang out, where we will grab whatever food is availalble and have one big throw down of cooking drinking and laughing

“Mek wi go check (insert friends name)” long time wi nuh link” ..means we are going to go look for a friend who we have not seen in a  while.


If you notice in these three examples there is always the word “wi”..for those who don’t know…the word is really we…..as Jamaicans we always have a sense of communion.

Although these examples don’t show any formal planning, preparation or even an invitation it all ends with a good time and a sense of entertainment for those who “called the par” (suggested hanging out) and for those who were linked (visited)

With entertaining being such a dynamic thing as being instigated or impromptu, a Jamaican edition means I will look at all the ways to entertain or be entertained in my Jamaican setting.

It by no means suggests that as Jamaicans we don’t plan, coordinate, invite or formally entertain. When we plan for a party or simple get together we go ALL OUT and many of the things i write about on My Easy Entertaining are shared from Jamaican experiences.

On Jamaican edition however I get to share with you more than just what may be formally planned for and look forward to your comments and shared experiences.