What We Don’t Know



mobI don’t think the millions who watched Monday night’s presidential debate learned much that they didn’t already know. Everyone knew going in that Donald Trump is a rude, ignorant oaf. Everyone already knew, too, that Hillary Clinton is a rock-steady, whip-smart public servant with encyclopedic knowledge.

What we may not have known – and did not learn – is what hidden interests they might represent.

There’s all kinds of information available about Hillary – some of it reliable, some not so much. Anyone with a computer or a smart phone can figure out for themselves whether she’s on our side or not.

I am confident that Hillary is on my side. Yes, she has ties to Wall Street and hobnobs with billionaires. But her life story is one of service to humanity (in spite of those absurd propaganda books that depict her as some kind of criminal – example at right).hillary_cover

What Trump is up to, I can only guess. But I am convinced he is up to no good.

There is ample evidence that he is a fraud who reneges on his debts and cheats business associates. And his “charitable” foundation has been exposed as a money-making sham.

There is also his frightening alliance with the white supremacist movement.

But I wonder whether he is even more dangerous than that.

I have read credible reports that he worked with members of the Mafia in his Manhattan real estate projects, and that he has borrowed money from Russian and Ukrainian underworld characters.

And I understand at least two of his surrogates – Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie – have family members known to be in the Mob.

Could Trump be fronting for a criminal organization? Could he represent interests that present a grave threat to the American people?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Instead of digging up this kind of information, the talking heads on TV are agog over his crude insults to women and his uncouth personal behavior. And as reprehensible as that might be, I shudder to think of what else might be lurking in the shadows.

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