On my Mind This Morning



Here I go again, talking to myself. It’s a lonely job and nobody really has to do it. But I guess I’ll give it another try, anyway.

What do I care about this morning?

The arrest of those militiamen illegally occupying the Oregon wildlife sanctuary, for one thing. I think it’s about time law enforcement put an end to their showboating. I regret the fact that one of the lawbreakers was killed. I don’t celebrate anyone’s death. But that’s the kind of tragedy you can expect when you defy the law.

I also care that Planned Parenthood was absolved in the fake “baby parts”  scandal. Like the other infamous video that caused ACORN’s demise before it was debunked, this right-wing arrack has been exposed as fraudulent. Ironically, it’s the right-wing activists who now face criminal charges.

I am also wondering what the world can do to avert financial catastrophe, and I think Martin O’Malley might have hit on the answer. At the Democrats’ town hall the other night, he proposed a massive initiative to develop clean energy sources. I think that’s a great idea. It would help to avert a climate change nightmare and, in the process, revive America’s sluggish economy.

With America’s economy buzzing again, global finance would be sure to benefit.

I read recently that China is already investing heavily in clean energy research and development.  If China wins the race, the Chinese economy will reap the reward, the kind of reward America got from the Internet. You would think Americans would be eager to get there first again.

And I’m sure you know how essential public investment is in projects like this. There would be no Internet today, no miracle drugs, none of the amazing byproducts of the space program (super-efficient golf equipment for example) without government dollars.

But nobody is listening to O’Malley.  He gets no love from Democratic voters. They are totally obsessed with Bernie and Hillary. I feel a kinship with the guy. Nobody seems to be listening to me, either.

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