What’s the Reason for WASP Mystique?

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing some new reason not to vote for Barack Obama – he’s too inexperienced, too elitist, too arrogant, too presumptuous, and too skinny… He’s too black, not black enough, too much of a celebrity, not well-known enough… Besides all that, he is accused of being the cause of all our economic troubles, even those that began before he was born.

Come on guys (and gals)! I know why you don’t want to vote for Obama. ‘Fess up!

As I look back on American history, I can’t think of a President that wasn’t ethnically British. That’s right: predominantly Scots, Irish or English (or a mixture of those three). And I can think of only one who was not a Protestant – Jack Kennedy.

Dukakis is ethnically Greek. Geraldine Ferraro is Italian. Joe Lieberman is Jewish… Losers all.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. You can count the delegates he won in the Republican Primaries on your toes and fingers. Dennis Kucinich is Croatian and Bill Richardson is Hispanic. Look how quickly their presidential bids fizzled.

Not one American President was Hispanic. Not one was Slavic or Semitic, East Indian or Native American, Oriental or black… or a Pacific Islander.

And not one American president has been a woman.

Why are American voters so impressed by white Anglo-Saxon Protestant males? Beats me!