When the Dust Settles

presidential candidates


The airwaves are alive with the sound of campaign rhetoric, and this is just the beginning. The din will increase as the 2016 elections get closer.

There will be charges and counter-charges, promises and pleas, as America’s presidential hopefuls sell themselves to a word-weary electorate. What can anyone say that hasn’t been said? What can anyone promise that hasn’t been promised? Haven’t we heard it all before – all the lies, damn lies and statistics?

The stakes are huge, of course. The swarm of words masks very real choices. And we close our ears at our peril.

Pick the wrong candidate and you could be sabotaging not just your country’s future but your future… and your children’s future … and their children’s future…

Pick the wrong candidate and it could – really – be the end of civilization as we know it. For the hawks are flocking, the shrill screams of warmongers fill the air. The next American president will have to be very skillful to avoid being stampeded into a war that would enrich the few and devastate – possibly incinerate – the rest of us.

President Obama has had to hang tough – and endure bone-wracking pressure and heartbreaking abuse – to avert a nuclear holocaust. It’s no wonder his hair is so gray.

If ever there was a time for Americans to vote – and vote wisely – this will be it.

I think I already know how the nomination process will turn out. It seems obvious to me that Hillary Clinton has the Democratic candidacy sewn up. And it seems just as clear that Jeb Bush is predestined to carry the Republican banner.

Yes, I know, there will be so many Republican hopefuls. And the media will be sure to make it sound like a horse race. That’s what sells newspapers and builds audiences… hot competition and wild speculation.

Millions – make that billions – will be spent on the various campaigns. What would the media do without those campaign ads?

You will be hearing a lot more from Ted Cruz… and Rand Paul… and Scott Walker… and probably evenj Mike Huckabee, just to name a few.

But pay them no mind.

The eventual choice will be between Hillary and Jeb (depicted above).

I know a little about Jeb. He was governor of my state, and when he was a businessman in Miami, I interviewed him for a story. I wouldn’t vote for Jeb. My impression is that his main objective is his own enrichment, not his country’s best interests.

And the prospect of another Bush in the White House fills me with dread, especially as I understand Jeb has surrounded himself with his brother George’s former advisers.

Sure, I have misgivings about Hillary, too. But hey are minuscule compared with my fear of the Bush dynasty.

And since I can’t have Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, I’ll enthusiastically vote for Hillary. It’s time for America’s first woman president to lead – and save – the Free World.

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