Where is Tiger?



I bet you thought I would be pontificating on last night’s primary results this morning. But I’ve said about all I can think of when it comes to poltics. The people have spoken. And the people want Trump and Hillary to duke it out.  The rest is sound and fury, signifying nothing.

What concerns me today is Tiger’s continued absence from the PGA tour.

There’s not much excitement without Tiger, few OMG moments, no stars – just plodding journeymen who hit the ball a mile but can’t sink a three-foot putt when it matters. Canada’s Graham DeLaet, for example, must have had 40 putts in the final round at Innisbrook on Sunday.

And how about you, Jordan Spieth? What has happened to “the world’s best putter”? Do you need glasses at the ripe old age of 22?

This year’s PGA winners so far have either been yesterday’s stars or tomorrow’s prospects – players we’ve never heard of and may never hear of again. The most exciting player in last week’s Valspar tournament, for example, was a college kid named Lee McCoy.

Without Tiger, golf has lost its glamor.

And on the distaff side, the stars have names I can’t pronounce. Women’s golf is all Asian now.  Golf is losing fans in America while it gains popularity in places like China and Korea.

Look Tiger, I know you have a bad back. So do I, buddy. And I know it hurts like hell. But that doesn’t stop me from teeing it up. Sure, I wince sometimes, even flinch occasionally in mid-swing.  But it gives me a great excuse when my score soars.

And you’re just 40 years old, Tiger – less than half my age.

I saw that video of you swinging a club on the Internet the other day, and you looked good.

So come on back, Tiger.  Play through the pain – like Ben Hogan did.

The fans need you.

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