Who profited most from the National Trials?

So the National Trials came and went. Hooray!

There is however something rather disturbing that looms…rather sad indeed.

A few weeks ago, a reader wrote to The Gleaner begging for the JAAA to capitalize on the 100m finals at the Trials. Read the letter here: Cash in on 100m Clash.

Today, The Observer is reporting that 160,000 million households worldwide watched the National Trials over the four days the event was staged.

Also in today’s Observer, the JAAA appeals for corporate support. The body is in need of approximately US$100,000 annually to assist athletes with a number of things: medical bills, coaches’ fees, etc.

Is there any particular reason the JAAA didn’t or couldn’t find creative ways to make at least half that amount from the recently held event? Is there some IAAF rule that restricts money-making and profiting from events at Trials? Did the JAAA not know that this event would have garnered much international attention? Is no one paying attention to what the public has to say? How did the 160 million households watch the races? What is the going rate for the ‘rights to broadcast’ live events in Jamaica?

The JAAA should not be in this position! Not after last weekend’s showing!

Where is the creativity in income generation?

Hire the Dream Team party promoters or SOMETHING… ANYTHING! There needs to be an infusion of fresh ideas if the JAAA is to properly serve the athletes.