Who tipped off Dudus

Greg Christie vs Daryl Vaz

This week the JLP decided to launch a broadside on the Contractor General, Greg Christie. Through its Information Minister, Daryl Vaz, the party raised concerns about the “over-zealous” Contractor General, but were met by the resistance of the people, and a strongly worded rebuttal from Mr. Christie himself. We see this as an attempt at a pre-emptive strike, to implant into the public psyche, the image of a man who is out of control, and is doing more harm than good. Simply because he has held them to the fire, especially in recent months, over issues such as the divestment of JAMALCO and now the LNG preferred bidder raid and audit.

The Minister claims that he speaks on behalf of both the PNP, and the JLP, and that potential public servants have decided not to enter the public sector, for fear of having their good names unfairly tainted. Well Andrew thinks that’s Rubbish!

We take a look at the merits (if any) of his arguments as well as the costs of the Tivoli Gardens incursion, that continue to add up. We also look at what may be a growing drug problem in Jamaican Athletics.

And yes, they’re back – Manatt, Phelps & Phillips!

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