Why a Democratic running for president is always running last?

Many of my friends who are passion at about the Democratic side political race do not like it when I tell them that their chances of winning are very slim. This is regardless of the gender and race which may also make it a little more difficult. Many of you have heard about the Red and Blue states. This is what determines the election. This is where the real strategies come in. Yes, ignore the national polling. The election is one by these states. The Republicans will always have most of these states once the presidential election season starts. Since Nixon (almost 40 years ago) there have been only 2 Democratic presidents. Both who are from the South which are Red states. Any Democrat who hopes to win the president has to win a few red states. I don’t want to sound like someone who is about “doom and gloom” but it is a very  difficult task. It is a mixture of race, religion, population density, lower voter turnout etc. Here is an interesting link on the topic. They have been pretty accurate on the state by state races.  As you you will see both Democrats are projected to lose against McCain in the general election.