Why do I do the True Blue Weekend? We love our Jamaican High Schools passionately!!!

After each  True Blue Weekend I sit and and ponder “why do I help coordinate this event?”.  I am dead tired after the weekend. I barely get to talk to any of my old classmates from my high school that is here for the weekend because I am busy running around with no time to socialize. Then without failure someone after the event contacts me to day “it is the best thing we could have ever done”.

They saw a friend they had not seen in 20 year. They realized that an acquaintance attended their school and they never knew it. They were able to reminisce. I have wives saying men do not connect emotionally but this event allows them to show emotions among each other as they reminisce about their school days. It is rare to hear the positives about anything as we know people love to complain.

I think the overwhelming theme is we love our high schools in Jamaica and will do just about anything to support them while we live abroad…this is why I do it…and one more added bonus…Jamaica College finally one the trophy this year…