Why Hillary Gets My Vote


eleanorThe media are all over Hillary Clinton’s first major campaign speech, as if there’s something there that will tell us what kind of President she would be. But speeches are just speeches. Hillary is Hillary (top photo).

If Americans don’t know what she stands for by now, Americans are dumber than I thought.

Nobody in the history of American politics has been so exposed, so scrutinized. We have seen her in good times and bad. We have seen her stripped of all camouflage, all defense. We have seen her warts and all. And the vast right-wing conspiracy has done its utmost to make her look as ugly as Medusa.

Is she a perfect human being?

Of course not. Are you?

Is she smart? You know she is. Is she compassionate? Loving? A hard worker? All of the above.

Forgiving? Well, maybe not so much. Not if you believe the lurid tales of revenge that have been spread about her.

But you know she was forgiving enough to stand by Bill when he got caught fooling around with that intern.

I trust Hillary. These are perilous times, globally and domestically. One false move could trigger a nightmare. I would be terrified of putting my fate in the hands of someone like Rick Santorum or Scott Walker or Ted Cruz or any of the snorting, strutting, self-adoring popinjays who might be running against her. And I trust Hillary more than Bernie – not to do the right thing (we can count on Bernie for that) but to do the smart thing, which could be the difference between the world’s survival and the Apocalypse.

You know what I like most about Hillary? She is a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt (bottom photo). And if you don’t know who Eleanor Roosevelt was, shame on you. She probably did more for Americans like you and me than anyone else in history. And she wasn’t even President.

If Eleanor were still around, she would get my vote.

Eleanor isn’t around but Hillary is. I am voting for Hillary.

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