Why is it Taking so Long to Arrest Trayvon’s Killer?

The protests are continuing, escalating, spreading… The debate goes on and on and on… Meanwhile the man who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager remains free.

Authorities say they are taking their time. They say they don’t want to act in haste. They say they want to “investigate.”

I say what in hell is there to investigate?

A self-important racist with a history of extreme behavior sees a black boy walking back to this father’s home from a visit to the corner store and – disobeying the 911 dispatcher – tracks him for hundreds of yards, catches up with him and shoots him dead.

The rest is irrelevant.

To suggest that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law applies makes no sense.

If George Zimmerman had stood his ground, he would have been nowhere near Trayvon Martin. Instead, he left his “ground” and followed the kid. To say he acted in self defense because the kid jumped him is to deny the facts. He was following Martin, not the other way around. Even if the kid took a swing at him, what difference does that make? Zimmerman was the pursuer, not the pursued.

It boggles the mind that no arrest has been made.

And it makes me sick to my stomach to hear the killer’s father and others trying to build a self-defense case. I know why Zimmerman’s father claims Martin said he was going to kill Zimmerman. The father is a retired judge and knows the law. He is trying to lay a foundation for a legal defense. Shame on the TV stations for aiding and abetting such a sham.

It’s time to quit tallking about the case and start acting.

It’s time Zimmerman was arrested and tried. End of story.