Why Obama Will Beat McCain

You’ve seen the polls of course. Obama versus McCain looks like a close election. I say, “Balderdash!”

McCain is going to register the worst defeat since George McGovern. The reason? His campaign has no energy. His supporters lack fervor. This is a pale shadow of a politician with a following of pale “moderates” without conviction or dedication.

George Bush won the presidency of the United States largely because of the support he received from wild-eyed God botherers committed to his cause. They roamed the countryside, signing up voters and organizing busloads to go to the polls. You can bet they won’t be doing that for John McCain. They might not even go to the polls themselves this time.

Even dotty Mike Huckabee, with his outlandish notions about rewriting the Constitution and abolishing the IRS, or weird Ron Paul with his plan to virtually abolish the federal government, would inspire more fervent support than a faded nova like John McCain.

In contrast, Obama’s supporters are energized. They send in their nickels and dimes by the million; they chant and swoon at his rallies; they lobby relatives and friends on his behalf. These are not mere supporters; they are disciples.

This election will not be about protection against terrorists or a comparison of economic policy papers. It will pit the future against the past. Obama is the future. McCain is definitely the past.