Why is He Still President?


You may be wondering what it takes to get rid of the Trump presidency. After all, everybody must know by now that he is a morally bankrupt chiseler with ties to the international mob and various other unsavory elements.

And that he probably conspired with Russian hackers to rig his election victory.

Then, there’s the daily stream of ugly evidence that he is dangerously unstable.

Obviously, he is the last person on earth who should have access to America’s nuclear arsenal.

So why is he still in the White House?

I suppose that by propping him up, Republicans hope to stealthily achieve their own agenda – suppress voting rights, stack the Supreme Court with “pro-life” judges, pass laws to enrich the infamous “one percent,” shred such programs as Social Security, Medicare. Medicaid, food stamps and so on.

And, of course, Trump’s “base” of white racists, abortion haters and conspiracy theorists so terrifies Republican politicians few would dare to  oppose him, anyway.

But why do the rest of us  seem so docile?

You would think the streets would be teeming with outraged citizens demanding Trump’s impeachment, that strikes and riots would be racking the nation.

But that kind of organized revolt requires  leadership. And Trump’s political opposition seems to lack effective leadership at this time.


My guess is that Trump’s opponents are deliberately holding their fire, gambling that he won’t blow up the world before the November midterms.

He is such a convenient target.

With Trump in the White House, political opponents have a highly visible bogeyman to run against in November. Remove him now and that advantage is lost.

Who could deny the logic behind that political strategy?

But what about the clear and present danger to us, “the people”? Are we just pawns in a political chess game? Are we that expendable?

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