Will President Barack Obama’s visit to Jamaica reignite U.S.-Caribbean relations?

This week US President Barack Obama visits Jamaica.  Will President Obama’s visit to Jamaica improve U.S.-Caribbean relations?  Jamaican-born Attorney Marlon A. Hill  examines this question in a Miami Herald article titled “Obama visit should reignite U.S.-Caribbean relations”. Below are a few quotes from the article.

“As the 44th president of the United States (the first of African descent) prepares to visit Jamaica, he now has an opportunity not simply to protect against the influence of Russia or other geopolitical forces, but to provide more proactive leadership and inspire greater economic prosperity for nations that now have much deeper ties through the extended diasporas across America.”

“Three decades removed from the last state visit, Jamaicans and other Caribbean people in states like New York, Texas, Georgia, and Florida are transforming American communities, popular culture, and the U.S. economy with their robust trade balance with the region. Unlike President Reagan, President Obama has the benefits of technology and a more interconnected region to rely upon as he shapes his administration’s policies.”

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