Windshield Wipers, Nesta, Raga and the Tambareeen!


On the not-so-lighter side of the news, this week we take a look at the case of a policeman killed in an alleged shootout with other cops. The young constable is alleged to have indulged in his own personal gun salute, which led to a warning and then arrest. What transpired next is a mystery, but what is known is that he died at the hands of his colleagues. Andrew also contemplates the wisdom of arresting windshield wipers, with so many forms of crime rampant on our streets – although Johnny thinks they are a “damn nuisance”.

Also on the police blotters was the case of a man being disturbed from his bed while sleeping with his two pregnant girlfriends – now that raised some eyebrows! And Nesta Carter’s recent sprinting performances, as well as allegations of cheating against the Pakistan cricket team, are raising a few more eyebrows. Never a dull moment on the Yaadinfo Podcast!”

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