Witty Characters Make ‘The Politicians’ Play A Humorous Hit

“The Politicians” has been billed as one of Jamaica’s funniest works to date. Excitement is building among New York and Connecticut theater patrons, as promoters Irish and Chin will stage the Tri-State debut of “The Politicians” during Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, May 26 – Hartford, CT/Sunday, May 27 – Queens, NY). “The Politicians” has scored an array of raving reviews for its various attributes. However, the strongest buzz has been centered on playwright P.O. Beale’s witty and strategic use of characters. “The Politicians” comes to life with a robust ensemble of characters, while addressing social issues that are a result of politics.

In “The Politicians” four contenders are campaigning against each other for a chance to lead the people of Jamaica: Delcita (Andrea Wright), Shebada (Keith Ramsay), Monica Brown (Stacy-Ann Brissette) and Ras Iman-I (Junior Williams). Delcita, a simple common mature woman of uncertain social and educational background has been representing the people of her small community for a number of years as the President of the joint citizen’s association. When an unfortunate act of fate removes the councilor of her division, Delcita is drafted into representational politics. Can this woman who is rough around the edges and has no political experience make a difference? How far can she get with her grass roots charisma and street savvy mindset? Patrons are in for quite a journey, as the humorous Delcita is set to have patrons doubled over in laughter.

Then there is the indomitable Shebada, who is a college dropout living at home with his reverend father Pastor Bench (Michael Nicholson) and is forever being pushed to seek employment. His view of politics and politicians is as contemptuous as that of his father who is not the least bit clandestine about how he feels about the government especially when he is in the pulpit. Shebada is drafted in politics as a mere activist for his father who is hand selected to replace the councilor for his division. As corruption unfolds, Shebada too finds himself a candidate. What does this college dropout have to offer to the people? How far can the loud speaking tactless young man lead a people if he could not himself lead to the graduating class of his college batch?

Rass Iman-I believes himself and his Bobo Central Party to be the salvation that the country is long in need of. He bases his manifesto on the teachings and principles of Rastafarianism and is fanatical about his desire to be the change for the country. Is this devout Rasta man the ideal leader for the people? Can his policies of rastanomics and rastarism really uplift a struggling country?

Finally, there is the incumbent and standing MP for years, Monica Brown, who is a staunch, no-nonsense politician who wears airs of being upstanding and honest and all for the people whom she represents. She is a representation of the typical Jamaican politician and by extension politics in Jamaica. It is election time again and Monica has once again put herself back in the runnings in a bid to continue her reign as the “sitting MP”. Does Monica deserve to be reelected? Are her policies transparent and are they good enough for the people? What difference can she make now after years of not making any?

These politicians are ably supported by their financial backers and campaign managers and journalists. Gary Walker (Chris “Johnny” Daley) and Sadie Chudwell (Abigail Grant) act as these support personnel. But even they have their own story to tell. Gary has a lot of clout when it comes to politics and wields his power over not just the politicians whom he controls but also Sadie. He is a representation of the business leaders and political investors in Jamaica.

Sadie is a trying journalist who only wants to report the news in its realest form. She is on the verge of getting her first big story when courtesy to politics this awesome opportunity is snatched from her grasp. Sadie is thus propelled into another aspect of politics. What can Sadie bring to the political platform with her experiences in journalism? Will her association with Gary lead to her downfall or her betterment? What is Gary’s role in the management of the nation? Should one man have so much power over the direction of people’s lives, their future? What is the story between Gary and Sadie?

All these questions and more will be answered in The Politicians.” Through the tales and lives of vibrant characters, “The Politicians” plot unfolds with humor and drama all the way. Without a doubt, “The Politicians” will have the audience laughing to the verge of tears, while reflecting on underlying social themes and issues. To learn more about “The Politicians” and to purchase tickets to the Memorial Day stagings on Saturday, May 26 (Weaver High School, Hartford, CT) and Sunday, May 27 (York College, Queens, NY), visit http://www.irishandchintheater.com. Also, visit this site to get up close and personal with Jamaican theater, featuring interviews with some of your favorite actors and trailers of top plays.