Women Shouldn’t Have to Go it Alone

The activists who organized that women’s march on Washington are calling on Americans to join a global women’s strike on March 8. Millions showed up for the march but will the strike be as successful?

When the Hispanic immigrants called a strike a while back, many of them were fired. The same could happen to the women.

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks.

How many women have the will to risk being fired?

In days of old when men were the ones who worked outside the home, they laid down their tools and manned the picket lines to protest brutal working conditions. They were beaten by goons. Sosome were even killed. Their jobs were stolen by scabs.

But in the end they won a better deal from their bosses.

Now, it;s your turn, ladies.

The National Labor Relations Act might protect your right to strike. But are you prepared for the hassle?

There’s no union to back you up. So you’ll be on your own if you decide to fight your firing in court.

Of course, those civil rights potesters had no union, either. They were beaten. Some where even killed. But they found the will to march on.

And the civil rights protesters weren’t all black. Sympathizers with other ethnic backgrounds joined their battle for justice.

The women’s movement is a civil rights issue. They should not have t go it alone.

How about it, guys? Why not back them up? How about joining th strike? And if you’re too scared, how about taking a sick da?

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