Two Jamaicans On The Commonwealth Women’s Antarctic Expedition

In December 2009, two teams of 4 women from across the Commonwealth will set off from opposite coasts of Antarctica to ski to the South Pole. They will travel some 500 miles across the most hostile environment on Earth; where temperatures fall to -30C, winds reach speeds of over 80mph, crevasses lurk beneath the ice and disorientating blizzards last for days at a time.

The women will be pulling sledges containing all the food, fuel and equipment they will need for their journey. Camping in tents on the ice when they sleep, they will survive on lightweight dehydrated rations and melted snow. Unguided, they will need to rely on each other to navigate themselves safely to the bottom of the World.

Out of a total of 26 applications from women in Jamaica to join the expedition, 10 were invited for an interview at the British Council in Kingston. Two women were chosen from 10 finalists to join the expedition.