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World Renowned Sales Trainer Brings Toronto Keys To Success

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Alvin Day is coming to Toronto to prove to salespersons, marketers and entrepreneurs, how to achieve more, earn more and become more. He can help you double the number of persons saying “yes” to you, thereby boosting your income, support and personal influence.

Day is no stranger to the climb—the personal empowerment expert has charted a course from extreme poverty to generating millions. This once ‘poor boy’, now owner of internationally renowned, The Empowerment Institute has dedicated his life to guiding others in the pursuit of their dreams. Alvin Day will be in Toronto from April 1-2, 2014 delivering two inspirational, money-making workshops entitled ‘Power Persuasion’ and ‘Lead and Influence People’, respectively.

“For the first 20 years of my life, I had no electricity, running water or inside toilets. I bathed in the Rio Minho, often rode a donkey, and hitch-hiked to Knox College when doing my A’levels…and all this time, studied by lamplight,” says Day.

He credits his tough upbringing as the ultimate motivator for his success. As a 15 year old, Day was already opening entrepreneurial doors to supplement his family’s meager income; starting a photography business alongside his high school camera club.

The transition to a career in sales and marketing was inevitable. After two college degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Alvin had a successful sales management career with Fortune 500 companies, Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He then spent 19 years in management consulting; helping Fortune 500 companies boost customer loyalty, sales and profits.  Fuelled by faith and aspiration, Day gained experience that would become invaluable to him, as an entrepreneur.

“Without that experience, I could have been a rough-cut peddler lacking understanding.  Instead, as a little boy from the tiny town of Frankfield in Clarendon, I found myself thinking in the massive ways of big business and operating in the world of multi-billion-dollar enterprises. It was mind-expanding.”

Day brings Best Practices sales strategies and results from his experience with best-in-class companies–from New York and Toronto, London and Barcelona, to Shanghai and Bangkok. As example, Campbell’s Soup—Canada credited him with generating an additional $25,000,000 in sales, after a year of developing selling tools and training their sales team.

It is that mind expansion that Alvin Day offers to individuals through his workshops, motivational speeches, leadership coaching and books. His stories and techniques will ignite ‘fire-in-the-belly’ and make you money. . “I wanted a business where I could use the power of words to deliver value, change lives and boost businesses — a company to change the world without widgets and inventory.”

This dream served as the catalyst for Mountain Movers, now The Empowerment Institute. A business designed to impart the thinking, competencies and strategies for attaining success, and moving the proverbial mountain.

Alvin Day is the answer to the burning question: How do I love what I do and make more money consistently?

Alvin Day is available for interviews upon request.


Venue: 55 Reading Ct, Toronto, ON M9W 7K7

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Workshop 1 – Tuesday April 1, 2014
Persuasion Power, How to get YES more often

Workshop 2 – Wednesday April 2, 2014
Lead & Influence People of All Personalities & Temperaments 

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