World Bank Conducts Focus Group Meetings With Jamaican Nationals To Discuss Diaspora Bond

A team from the World Bank and Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Finance visited South Florida recently to begin discussions to determine the profile of Jamaicans across the Diaspora interested in the feasibility of a proposal by the Government of Jamaica to issue a Diaspora Bond.

The two-day meetings which began on Monday (June 18) were the first stop across the Diasporic communities.  The meetings were very engaging with much participation and feedback which would assist in the development of a public survey form.

The idea of such a bond was formally introduced by the delegates at the inaugural 2004 National Diaspora Conference held in Kingston.

The team, facilitated by the Jamaican Consulate General, Miami and the Jamaican Diaspora Southern USA, held two focus group meetings with a cross-section of nationals across the South Florida community to determine the type of instrument that would be acceptable.  

The team will conduct similar sessions with Diaspora groups in, New York, Toronto and England.