Wow! – Obama secret sauce revealed!

Can you be in church and take the Lord’s name in vain?

Yes we can!  I found myself in this predicament.  It was after church, and we were socializing in the lobby. The conversation quickly turned to the state of the election.  Two of my friends whipped out their IPHONES, fired up an application and shared Obama’s countdown to Inauguration day of January 20, 2009.  They then shared the daily messages they received regarding his schedule, and the campaign highlights et al. Wow! Lord, forgive me, but my mind uttered a few Reverend Wrights, you know the D word. Wow, it was clearly evident that what Steve Jobs is to consumer electronics, Barak Obama is to campaigning.

Slim from Illinois was truly the high tech Goliath of this presidential season!  Success leaves traces, and I want for us to consider the implication of Obama’s campaign game plan.

But let’s face it; an election is fundamentally a marketing campaign. You’re basically trying to sell folks on your product (ideas) over another.

Well, one campaign did it BRILLIANTLY. Guess which one it was?
You got it–the winning one.
Two words summed up why Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009, the first digital president. They are social marketing.
Obama campaigned to the social marketing crowd perfectly, generating a HUGE amount of support from a variety of online resources .Just check out these amazing statistics as reported by the Politico newspaper of November 12, 2008.

Element Obama McCain
No. of Facebook friends on Election Day 2,397253 622,860
No. of Online videos of candidate 104,454 64,092
No. of views of these videos 889 Million 554 million
No. Twitter followers 125,639 5,319
No. blog post using the phase “Voting for” 79,613 42,093
Total direct voter contacts 68 million 30 million

Obama’s tactic was a masterpiece – the audicity of marketing, targeting the younger, more technically literate crowd and hit them right where they live, on social networking landscape.  He combined this effort with a solid ground game. He clearly anticipated and outsmarted the competition.

A word to the wise to all small businesses,the era of conventional marketing is over. You too can get your digital slingshot, and internet stones to dominate your market niche!  Learn or get help quickly or your business maybe yesterday, yes RIP!