Yaad Pics – Six Hand, Seven Hand, Eight Hand Bunch!

D Watkins Photo by Dwayne Watkins – Yaadinfo Contributor    [ Website ]

“Come Missa Tallyman, tally mi banana! Daylight come and mi waan go ‘ome.”

The Jamaican folk song known by many through Miss Lou’s rendition, but made world famous by Harry Belafonte, was an ode to the “loader” or dock workers who packed bananas onto ships to be transported to nations abroad. But even purchasing bananas in the market is done by the bunch (or “hand” as we in Jamaica know it).

“Sell mi two ‘and a banana deh!”, one of the common requests you’ll hear as you walk Coronation Market downtown, and perhaps what prompted this vendor to check on the bananas, ensuring the customer got the best quality.

Six Hand, Seven Hand, Eight Hand, Bunch!
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