Yes, You can be a Life Changer !

One of the most influential  phases I grew up with  was:


It encouraged me to ensure I did my best and develop my talents to the best of my ability.


When my kids came along, I had the privilege of tucking them in and reading that bedtime story.  So happened the kids would get stuck on their favorite story and would plead with me to read it each night.  Even to this day, I find myself reciting that story.  I used to try to cut it short should I see them dozing off.  I would loudly declare “The End”.

I was reprimanded to read the middle!


Going to the local libraries was also a weekly ritual.  We also managed their media intake through limiting TV time to educational television and the occasional Disney movie. Call me old fashion, but today I am very proud of my girls and their love of books and their love for learning.


Yes, reading is fundamental.  We however live in a media saturated world that undermines the development of this critical habit.  The tragedy is there are kids who would just love to sink their teeth into some great reading material, but their minds are starved for the lack of solid reading materials.


One investment that I am making is in the Readacrossjamaica project


One of our pioneering women, Ja’nice Wisdom has been performing herculean efforts in making a difference in the literacy rate in Jamaica.


I had the privilege of hearing her thoughts about curing the illiteracy issue in Jamaica.

Click to listen to Wisdom’s wisdom.


September 8 is International literacy day

This gives us a golden  opportunity to support the  illiteracy cure in Jamaica.

You have books in your basement, library or attic  seeking young eager readers, or willing to sponsor a barrel to transport books, or support this worthy effort in some way. Your small effort will be combined with others to be the cure for illileracy.


simply click here, Ja’nice’s Read Across Ja website.


Please remember: