Why Not Run for President?

Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks during a town hall event at Bob Jones University, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, in Greenville, S.C. (AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt)

Let’s say you were famous for something – performing surgical miracles, for example, and writing best sellers about your rags-to-riches life.  And now you’re retired, with nothing but time on your hands.

Why not run for President?

You would get even more famous. You would sell more books – a lot more. You would get to travel around the country, bask in the applause of doting fans and cash the checks that come pouring in.

Yes, checks come pouring in. For reasons too complex to explain, there are folks out there who want to give you their money. Surely, they don’t think for a moment you have any chance of getting elected? They can read, and if they read the polls, they can see you haven’t been out of single digits for months.

With those generous contributions, you can make your friends and relatives rich by hiring them as campaign consultants. You can stay in nice hotels, eat nice meals and see the sights – all at the expense of your benefactors.

You won’t even have to pay taxes on this windfall. What better way to enjoy your retirement?

So when Ben Carson says he’s not dropping out of the presidential race anytime soon, believe him.

As long as the money keeps coming, why would he?

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